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Patricia Anne Elwood
Jungian analyst

Thereafter I walk on like a man who is tense – and who expects something new that he has never suspected before. I listen to the depths – warned, instructed and undaunted – outwardly striving to lead a full human life. Carl Jung, Black Books, Vol 4. P. 222

“I have a dream…” in our times of confusion and lack of outer orientation.
I have a dream to help people to live their lives fully and creatively by aligning body mind and soul in a oneness that brings peace, hope and progressive living.
I am a traveller to the inner and outer realms. As an explorer, I have always been passionate about what people believe in and this has brought me to the backwaters of the world where I have met with many indigenous peoples and participated in a variety of rituals, ceremonies and beliefs systems.

I believe in the message of the indigenous peoples who maintain the relationship to the cosmic dimension and that longed for reverence which accompanies their beliefs, that we as a collective have lost.
With Jung, I recognize that the psyche has a dimension beyond time and space and that we are all interconnected as one global human tribe, with one fundamental search for unity and wholeness.
Collectively we have lost the link to the inner life in ourselves, the source and origin of all cure, of all progression, creativity and true sense of self.
Our times are times of transition; the collective unconscious provides support in this era for change and reconnection to the essential. Individualism is misunderstood as egotism; individualism is only meant to bring one to the path of individuation, the path of the hero, where a higher consciousness is attained and then offered in service of the collective.
I invite all who are interested in raising their awareness and who are seeking to live a fuller life to join me in exploring the inner spheres in themselves. My aim is to bring people closer to the source within where they find their true orientation and sense of destiny.
The unconscious is the realm of the unexpected, it has its own intention about the life of the individual. True security in the personality comes from aligning the ego’s direction with this inner intention so that one can live a full and fulfilling human life.

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Patricia Anne Elwood

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