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Training & Group Programs

Patricia Anne Elwood has been training professionals and analyzing drawings for over 30 years and has taught this approach in educational and clinical environments, in the business fields and in universities worldwide to professionals from a variety of disciplines. 


Analysis of Spontaneous Drawing

Analysis of Spontaneous Drawing is based on a Jungian approach for accessing the unconscious. This course is for those who work in the helping professions and is applicable for all ages.  
It provides a simple and accessible tool for contacting the unconscious in oneself or the other. The course covers the basics of Jung’s structure and dynamics of the psyche.
It is an exciting and dynamic adventure!

8 sessions of training in person (in Bottens, CH) or online, vía zoom.

The course program includes:

  • structure and dynamics of the psyche according to Carl Jung

  • structure and dynamics in drawings

  • the study of spatial orientation in drawings

  • the concept of libido

  • the personal and collective unconscious

  • classical drawings

  • projective drawings

  • the power of the symbol

  • a study of symbolism

  • the symbolism of colors

  • processes in a series of drawings

  • the transcendent function

  • totemism, anthropological et ethnological aspects

  • the mandala – as perceived by Jung

  • practice and analysis of material

From 18:00 to 19:15 (Zurich time)

Writing our Myths;
the Myths we live by… the Myths that live in us…


In exploring the details of our own story, we discover symbolic meanings which point to our mission and aspects of our life’s purpose. Embarking on a journey towards the hinterlands in our own psyches is a fulfilling and enlightening experience!

Writing our myth is based on the psychology of Carl Jung, the mythologies of Joseph Campbell and the stories of the gods and goddesses that have inhabited our collective mindset since a time beyond memory.

  • 4 Sessions 

  • Online 

  • Places are limited.

Writing with Jung


Once a week, on Monday evenings we focus on an aspect of Jung’s psychology and delve deeply into the source within ourselves to reveal our own latent potential.

I should advise you to put it all down as beautifully as you can – in some beautifully bound book….. Then when these things are in some precious book, you can go to the book and turn over the pages, and for you, it will be your church, your cathedral – the silent places of your spirit where you will find renewal.
Carl Jung, Liber Novus, p. 216

Writing with Jung is an invitation to explore creative dimensions in oneself as well as learning about Jung and his concepts.
Jung was a prolific writer. He had a very special way of writing which speaks to one’s psyche at a deep and meaningful level.
He actually wrote for several hours every day from very early morning and often into late at night. Throughout the past century, Jung’s words have inspired and brought healing and transformation to many people all over the planet.

This is an ongoing course online,
at 18.30pm, Zurich Time,
Participants are asked to write what inspires them on their own journey based on our discussion on themes related to Jung and his depth psychology.

Writing with Jung is a creative and healing process.
No need to be a confirmed writer; this course is for all who are called to better their understanding of their own psyche and who wish to develop self-help tools for their own development.
Writing with Jung is an exciting and dynamic process where the unexpected unfolds.
Join us in this exciting adventure to the inner realms with Jung!

Beyond Trauma to Transcendence
a Jungian approach

beyond _trauma _to _transcendence_a_ungian_approach

Most people have had traumatic experiences. We know that any traumatic experience may have effects that last a lifetime. When this happens in childhood without therapeutic support the child buries the memory of the traumatic event in the backwater of his psyche and just goes on growing and developing.
If a child does not have therapeutic support following a traumatic event, the trauma remains registered in the unconscious and can only be dealt with later in life with a more mature consciousness.
This is for all those who feel that they have come to a standstill, who have blocked energy and who feel the need to dig deeper into the unconscious layers in themselves to get beyond traumas, complexes and blockages.
It links Jungian psychology and the neurosciences of today.

Many people complain that after years of therapy various effects of their traumatic experience still remain. Why is it? What is the missing piece in any therapeutic approach that does not bring the person beyond the often-crippling effects of trauma?
Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of sense of self and flashbacks are just a few of the symptoms emerging after any traumatic experience. Flashbacks may even disturb without the person being conscious of them.
This course offers a caring and supportive space for those who are ready to go beyond their trauma to transcendence.

This course provides tools and practices to remodel the effects of trauma and free the personality for his own inner peace and fulfilment.

Join us in a supportive, confidential and healing space for the resolution of that long buried and inhibiting traumatic experience.

  • Starting new FRENCH online encounters, at 7 pm (Zurich Time).

  • Inscriptions are monthly

  • Come and join a free first session

Monthly reading group

Image de Olga Tutunaru

A variety of subjects of more than 200 books are offered and discussed once a month, online and live.
It's an enriching experience!
Next week’s subject is on “Depression.”

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